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Remote Worker Security Checklist

During these times of quarantines and social distancing, it’s important to maintain adequate security precautions for remote work scenarios. Below are the recommended security steps and how we can help.
Remote Worker Security Checklist -- Computer Logistics


Business vs. Personal

  • Do not share your business laptop for use by family and friends
  • All business activities should be performed on the device provided by the organization

Social Media Use

  • Unless your position includes using social media, you should limit exposure. Don’t reveal itineraries, corporate information, daily routines, etc.

Employee Checklist

Secure Workplace

  • Ability to lock laptop and any relevant business information when not in use
  • Safely perform conversations without visitors, eavesdropping or shoulder surfing

Wireless Security

  • Change default WiFi router passwords
  • Enable WPA-2 or higher encryption, and set a strong WEP password
  • Ensure your local router firmware is updated

Personal Device Security

  • Updated IOT device firmware(smart thermostats, surveillance cameras, etc.)
  • Ensure default passwords are changed
  • Make sure software is updated on all devices within your home network (business laptop, IOT devices such as cameras and smart thermostats, personal laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Review business/corporate policies and procedures

How Computer Logistics Can Help

  • Enable local encryption
  • Local admin accounts are known with strong passwords
  • Limit external sharing of cloud platforms (OneDrive, DropBox, etc.)
  • Enable MDM for remote wipe capabilities
  • Review and enable remote endpoint security tools that can be centrally reviewed and monitored (Cylance, Cisco Scansafe, etc.)
  • Provide ability to securely exchange files and information externally and internally (, Office365 encryption option enabled, on-premises solution, etc.)
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for remote connectivity that expires after 4-8 hours of use
  • Review the incidence response procedure with all relevant stakeholders

Please continue to use all of the methods of requesting support we have shared with you including:
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