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New Year, New Challenges and New Opportunities

Computer Logistics -- 1135 Pine St Suite 202 Redding, CA 96001

For the last few years, Computer Logistics has worked to restructure and redefine its service offers and customer service processes. In short, we’ve been refining our business model—what it is to be a modern managed service provider in the IT support world.

We’ve achieved several milestones during these many months as we’ve shifted away from the old practices of traditional IT services toward fully integrated managed support. We’ve redesigned everything from the software applications we use and the technology providers we partner with to the way we handle customer service.

One of the last pieces of the puzzle for us in this redefinition was to change our physical location. The old location on Market Street was great in prior decades when we were engaged in some of the early services like computer repair, where we needed space. Over the years, our focus has changed somewhat, and we’ve needed to revamp the ways in which we do business and interact with clients.

As part of the physical move, we also split off the call center (a part of our business many didn’t know we offered). That part of the business is now rebranded as Alive Virtual Assistants and has its own location downtown on West Street.

Computer Logistics’ new location is in the historic Pine Street School (1135 Pine Street, Suite 202, Redding, CA 96001). Please feel free to drop by and check out the new location. We love it and hope our clients will as well!

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