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New Desktop App for Help Desk Tickets is Faster and More Efficient

Your IT Help Desk is now better than ever.
Help Desk Improvements - Computer Logistics Corporation, Redding, California

Computer Logistics has upgraded the Help Desk ticketing system by giving you the option to create a ticket right from your computer desktop. It’s as easy as right-clicking the agent icon on your taskbar and selecting the Create Service Ticket option.

This feature is something the support team is very excited about, as it allows them to serve clients as quickly as possible. With this feature, you get a much faster response than with any other method. The ticket already has your name, machine information, and the reason for the ticket, so you can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

  1. Right-click the agent icon and you’re on the way to having one of Computer Logistics’ technicians resolve your IT issue
  2. Click Create Service Ticket from the menu
  3. Add IT issue to the ticket and techs will take it from there

Email support is still available at Emailing the help desk will also automatically generate a ticket for you, but rates second in the queue as it does not add your computer information to the ticket automatically.

If neither the agent nor email is your preferred method for support, the Help Desk is always available at 530-900-7877.

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