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Corona Virus: Computer Logistics Support Update

Remote Work

Most of us are facing unforeseen challenges because of the COVID-19 virus. We are all managing the concerns of staff, clients and family needs. We want to keep you all informed of the steps we are taking at Computer Logistics to ensure service and support continuity.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we are making plans to keep our employees safe while also continuing to offer the best service to all of our clients regardless if they are at the office or working from home.  At this time we stand ready to shift to an officewide home office should that become necessary or required.

As we are a cloud-centered company we are extremely agile.  Even moving to a home office will not diminish our ability to continue to provide excellent remote support.

The only adjustment we are needing to make to do our part in restricting the spread of this virus is to eliminate onsite visits.  Direct ship of ordered parts should take care of most of these issues and we have access to log into Cell Phones to walk clients through anything requiring physical presence.

Please continue to use all of the methods of requesting support we have shared with you including:
Online Support Portal:
Support Tool: Right-click on the icon in your taskbar and Create Service Ticket  
Phone: (530) 278-7877

We hope that by all of us taking the appropriate measures and following health recommendations, we can all help contain this threat.

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