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Computer Logistics Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud Services Provide Performance and Peace of Mind

Managed cloud services help to relieve overburdened business resources and provide colocation of applications and data documents. Cloud solutions reduce the complexity and pain involved in ensuring data availability, performance, and security. Cloud servers are geo-located to ensure your data or applications are always available.

Connect with us, we’ll help you understand the cloud and how you can take advantage of moving vital functions, securing data and creating a disaster fail-safe, or just how you can remove unnecessary or outdated hardware.

Managed Cloud Services

We provide comprehensive monitoring of servers, applications, dependencies, security, and hardware. This allows your business the ability to plan for future capacity, but more importantly provides peace-of-mind knowing important alert systems are monitored 24/7.

A server without data protection is dangerous and unacceptable. If data recovery is ever required, our 24/7 tech support team is here for you to restore your data quickly.

Up-to-date servers are not only safer, they’re more efficient. Patching servers allows us to serve you better with security and lower operating costs.

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